Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale

Yeah, look at that title.  Read it.  Soak it in.

That’s a real beer.  They actually made that.  Pink Bottle with a Baron Samedi guy reaching out and grabbing a pig.  Everything about this package screams awesome.  Like look up at the picture of that bottle.  All that’s missing is a comic book dialogue bubble with AWESOME! in it.

Just popped the top and poured it into the tulip glass (not the same one as last night, I have a dishwasher).  The first thing that smacks you in the face is the smell.  It smells like a doughnut, a nice glazed, gooey just out of the oven honest to goodness doughtnut.  My stomach growled on first sniff.

But I was confused.  WHERE’S THE DAMN BACON?

Look, the first thing I thought when I purchased this fine specimen was:  This was going to be a tough to drink beer.  I’m not the biggest fan of rauchbiers.  Often, they’re too smokey for me, perfect for cooking with, but tough to choke down when you’re just looking to hang out on a weekend afternoon.

But on the first sip of this Rogue offering?

First taste was bacon.  It mixed nicely with the sweet odor, light on the tongue, but noticeable.  Still, I braced myself.  This could go wrong quickly.  But the beer is shockingly refreshing.  It goes down easy.  I think the smell has a lot to do with that.  You keep expecting sweet syrup to flow throughout your mouth.  Instead, you get a pale ale.

The beer finishes with a nice light hop flavor.

There’s a lot here with each taste.  It’s not a Coors Light Bacon Water.  And it’s not a tough to drink perfect German Rauchbier.  It falls somewhere in the middle.  A beer for people to drink that’s cool and different, but at the same time easy on the palette.

It’s a craft beer gateway drink.

Want to try something new?  Try this.

And at 5.6%, it’s not hard on the liver.



One thought on “Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale

  1. Tried this last week, it was delicious! To me, it smelled like fresh Maple syrup. Very enjoyable, and happy it wasnt a beer that had a great label, but a bad taste

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