River Horse Summer Blonde

Reviewing summer beers is gonna be tough for me.  I like my beers heavy and hoppy.  So, checking out a beer called “Summer Blonde” is not exactly up my alley.

But we all like to branch out, don’t we?  And River Horse, a southwest Jersey brewery has a very strong track record, so if there’s a summer beer I’m going to like, this is it.

There’s a wheaty smell to this beer, bready.  It’s like running through a bakery that has their air conditioner on full blast.  From the looks of it, a hazy yellow, it’s going to be very light.

The first sip is smooth, and the tip of the taste is fruity.  Not sure which kind of fruit, but the sweetness is there, like a light kiss.  It then fades to that bread taste.  It’s a true blonde beer.  A small hint of hops, but not much.

This is the kind of beer you drink in the summer after a long day on the beach.  After mowing the lawn.  While sitting on your deck watching the sunset or listening to baseball on the radio.  Throw out an American cliche and pair it with River Horse Summer Blonde.

This isn’t Miller Lite.  This isn’t a tasteless watery beer.  This is a full beer, but light enough to cool you off on a hot, humid afternoon.



(And yes, I know this blog is called Beers AND books.  Look for a review or two this week, okay?  Jeez…. Chill.  It’s the weekend, yo.)


4 thoughts on “River Horse Summer Blonde

  1. You can have a good hoppy beer without it being heavy. I love hoppy beers, but I hate really heavy beers. My favorite mass craft summer beers are Blue Moon’s Honey Wheat and Goose Island Summertime. I also like the Shiner Ruby Redbird, but you wouldn’t know what that tastes like would you? Ha.

    Of course we have Bell’s Oberon which is the best summer beer of all ever.

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