Port Brewing Anniversary Ale

Port Brewing is relatively new to New Jersey, but has been around for five years. They’re known for their surfing themed beers, including one of my favorites: Wipeout IPA and the FNG Pale ale to celebrate their entrance into the Jersey market.

Well, apparently they’ve been around for 5 years, and each year they brew a double IPA to celebrate. This year that anniversary ale is available in NJ.

The first thing I noticed was the smell: strong in hops and pine. Like walking through an evergreen forest, while carrying a cold beer. It smelled so good my mouth started to water.

The first taste is immediately sharp, that sweet hop flavor crosses the tongue and fades to a slow alcohol bite. Hop lovers Heaven. AKA Dave White heaven.  The hops are sharp, like a paper cut.  The finish is dry.  This is a solid beer.  One I’d buy year in and year out.

It’s high in alcohol at 10.0%, so be careful, but each sip is worth it. Yeah, this is a quick review, because I really want to get back to the beer.

Great taste. If you love IPAs or double IPAs, this is one to look out for.


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