Southern Tier Mokah


It’s the best of all worlds (notice I didn’t say both).  It’s chocolate.  It’s coffee.  It’s a stout.  And Southern Tier is one brewery that rarely disappoints.  So, let’s see what they have in store for us this time, shall we?

The first thing you do, or at least the first thing I do, is smell a beer.  This one punches you in the face with chocolate.  Not much of a hint of coffee, which surprised me.  Southern Tier’s Java stout is strong with the coffee odors, so I expected more of that.  But this one… all chocolate.

The first sip is quite complex.  Chocolate comes first, sweet and syrupy.  Would go great on ice cream.  (Mmmmmmm, beer ice cream).  The beer is extremely thick and full on the tongue (giggle).  It finishes with a strong taste of coffee.

This beer is dessert in a bottle.  The sweetness mixes very well with the (mmmmm, did I say beer ice cream?  That is a BRILLIANT IDEA.) carbonation.  It’s not a milkshake.  It’s a beer.  It doesn’t sit heavy on the stomach, but you can’t chug it either.

(Okay, seriously?  Beer ice cream?  Would it be good?  Probably.  Hops are sweet, and ice cream is, well, ice cream.  Would you have to be 21 to buy it?  Also, do you think they could somehow replicate carbonation?  It could come in a can!  BEER ICE CREAM IN A CAN!!)

Anyway, um, Southern Tier has outdone themselves again.  This is a beer you savor.  You can’t knock it back and move on to something else.

You have to sip it.  It’d go really well with a cigar.

Good beer to end the weekend with.

Or read about on a Monday morning.

(Beer ice cream.  GET ME A SCIENTIST!)


One thought on “Southern Tier Mokah

  1. For anyone interested in sampling Souther Tier Mokah, it is currently on tap at Farnsworth Cafe in Bordentown which has a really nice craft selection. If you are a fan of Mokah, make sure you try Southern Tier’s other imperial stouts such as Java and Oat.

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