Yards Saison

What, you ask?  ANOTHER SAISON?  But Dave… I thought you were a HopHead.  You went on all about that in yesterday’s post!

After last week’s Jack D’Or, I decided to try another.  So I went with Yards.

Yards is a Philadelphia Brewery.  I was introduced to them by Duane Swierczynski many years ago.  (For those of you who don’t know, along with being a fantastic crime writer, Duane has written The Big Book o’ Beer. A must have for beer-lovers)  Yards is famous for their Pale Ale (delicious) and their Ales of the Revolution–which you must check out.

But, their spring season is a Saison.  I have never failed with them before, so it was time to push the limits of my taste buds.  The beer, as you can see, is very light.  It has a wheaty shade to it and a single line of bubbles attempting to escape the liquid.  The smell is spicy.  I wish I knew what spicy it was, but it is on that really brings to mind the Belgian ale style.

The taste is very light and airy.  It’s refreshing.  It cuts through the sweat on my brow and relaxes me.  In fact, I think I’m starting to change my mind about Belgians.  They call Saisons farmhouse ales.  And that’s exactly what this beer brings to mind.

I can picture sitting outside, after a long day of picking crops, and milking cows, just sitting down and enjoying a nice tall glass of this beer.  Hmmm.  New Jersey is the Garden State.  Perhaps planting a garden will give me even more excuses to drink this beer.

Unlike yesterday’s monster, this beer is smooth.  One you drink while hanging out and chatting about the oncoming tornado or the evil corporation that is going to buy out my farm because they want to make everything with dirty corn.  It’s smooth, relaxing.  It’s a happy weekend beer.

Which is exactly why this post is debuting on a Tuesday.  It’s to give you something to look forward to. Something to go out and buy and cool off until Friday night.

So grab a piece of straw, stick it between your teeth, sit in that old rocker on the porch and pour yourself a glass of Yards Saison.

You won’t regret it*.

*Unless you drink too many and wake up with a harsh headache the next morning.  Don’t do that, okay?


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