Green Flash West Coast IPA

Green Flash is a Brewery that’s pretty new to me.  They’re from San Diego, and their beers are mostly organic.  The beers have been available in the NJ area, but I haven’t picked them up before last week.

Not sure why, mostly because they come in four-packs, and I usually avoid those.  But as I shift my focus from less on quantity and more on quality, I’m moving more towards four packs or single bottle purchases.  I’d rather have 1 good beer on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, than a bunch of good ones.

Plus, Green Flash has created something called Palate Wrecker, a double IPA, that I missed out on.  I saw it in the store and passed it up.  When I went back for it, it was gone.  Haven’t been able to find it since.  Quickly becoming one of my white whales.

That said, the West Coast I.P.A. is nothing short of spectacular.  It is a solid India Pale Ale, one with a crisp, citrusy hops taste.  The odor isn’t strong, but it’s appetizing.  This is the perfect beer to have with a spicy food, buffalo wings or Thai or something of that nature.

It’s not a bold beer.  The taste is solid and refreshing.  It’s a laid back and clean beer.

It’s West Coast.  It’s cool.  No hurry.  It’s the kind of beer that says excuse me.  The kind of beer that smiles at you when you walk down the street.  It takes a weekend trip to the coast.

It doesn’t go down the shore.  It doesn’t do sarcasm.  It doesn’t bump into you on the street and then blame you for it.  Sometimes I want East Coast, but not today.

It’s not pushing its way among your taste buds, complex, with 800 different flavors to catalog and 400 more to sort out with your nose.  It’s exactly what it says it is.  Hops, bitter citrus.  Perfect.

On a summer holiday afternoon, that’s just what I want.



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