Craft Beer Bar: Three Wise Monks

I love searching out Craft Beer Bars here in Jersey.  The owners are usually knowledgeable, the beers lists varied, and sometimes–if you’re lucky–you’ll stumble upon something special.

Three Wise Monks is a new craft beer bar in Garfield, NJ.  My father and I stopped by last week for a happy hour beer before grabbing a bite to eat.  It was early, and the bar was still empty, which was cool, because it meant we got to talk to the owner.

The key to any craft beer bar, of course, is the taplist.  Wise Monks didn’t disappoint.  They’d just finished out a Kane Brewing Night (a new brewery in Jersey), and I grabbed two of their beers.  Kane Head High IPA might be one of the most drinkable IPAs I’ve had (review coming this week), and I followed that up with their Double IPA, Overhead.  Very satisfying.

My father had a Narragansett Summer Ale and Yards Brawler.  He loved both of them.  But I was stunned by their draftlist.  They had some things I’d never heard up, such as a Summit Unchained (I got a taste, it was a good Dunkel Weizen) and a Yards Brawler (another of my craft beer gateway drinks.)

But they also had a special tap too.  Dogfish Head World Wide Stout.  This rare beer is a special stout and one you have to be prepared to drink–I was not otherwise, I would have had one.  It’s a dark, dark beer and the alcohol content rings in at a nice 18%.  Like I said, special and rare.

They guys said they eventually want to turn the bar into a brewpub, and mentioned that they brew really high gravity beers.  They want to put out a Triple Pilsner.  I told them I’d have to move a lot closer if I was going to drink that stuff.  Have to be able to walk home.

A fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  The bartenders are really willing to discuss your tastes with you and find something that fits what you like (the newbies usually start with a Beach Haus Pilsner).

A cool, off the beaten path bar and one well worth visiting.


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