Kane Head High IPA

Ooooh wee, look at that color!  Looks delicious, don’t it?

Kane Brewing Company is one of my new favorite breweries.  They are located–depending on your line of demarcation–in South or Central Jersey, AKA down the shore.  They’ve been around for over a year, and have made a plethora of brews.

But the beer they hang their hat on is the Head High IPA.  This has been my go to beer.  I picked up a growler of this today (Saturday) and am sitting down to check out some hockey and have a glass.

The first thing I noticed was the scent.  Sure there’s a healthy amount of hops, but a pineapple smell really stands out (and I know because my wife has been into pineapple lately.  The whole house smells of it.).  It gives you the sense that there’s going to be a definite sweetness to the taste.

On first sip, there’s no sweetness.  You’re attacked by hops.  Bitter, juicy hops.  The kind of hops you want to roll around in and take a nap (ahem, did I write that?).  The bitter taste is a surprise, but it is a welcome one.  As the sip goes down, though, the pineapple sweetness sneaks up on you.

And it is refreshing.

This is a summer IPA.  One you can sit in the sun and drink and relax.  But be careful, it’s 6.8%.  On a hot day that’s going to set in real quick, and you’ll be stumbling around, confused and sunburned.  And you don’t want that.

Right now this beer isn’t available in bottles.  If you’re in New Jersey, you can find it at most bars, at this point.  And, if you’re in Jersey… come on.  Take a ride down and pick up a growler.

You’ll be real happy you did.


One thought on “Kane Head High IPA

  1. Sounds interesting! Sadly I can’t just jump on a jet over there to sample it!

    My OH is getting ready for a ten-day stint in London, at CAMRA’s Great British Beer Festival – sadly he has to be there ALL day, every day! It’s a hard life but someone has to do it! But I’ve asked him to drop by the International bar and look out for some of the bottled American brews you’ve been featuring here! (I’ve had the Sierra Nevada PA a while back – very nice!)

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