Beer Websites… What’s the Buzz…. Get it?

The world wide web of internet Super Highways is a great place to learn about and discover new beer.  Besides this site, there are plenty of cool places I hit up to check out the latest in the world of beer.

Beer Advocate:  I probably shouldn’t have started here.  This is the end all be all of websites.  You can find information about pretty much any beer out there.  There are reviews from users and the “bros,” who are the people who run the website (and print magazine… subscribe!).  The reviews tell you what glass to drink the beer out of (there are more than just pint), what food to pair it with, and what other beers you should try if you like that one.  Great site, very simple and very informative.

Untappd: The Foursquare of Beers!  I love this app/website.  It helps me keep track of what I drank (not to mention, rewards you for drinking beers… with BADGES!).  It’s fun and interactive.  The more friends you make, the more people drinking and sharing what they’re drinking.  It’s almost like…social drinking.

Hunterdon Brewing:  This is another one for the local crowd.  Hunterdon is one of the New Jersey’s biggest distributors.  Their website rules, helping you find out what beers are being released that week.  Helping you find out what liquor stores have them.  Great site.

Beer Menus:  Another search site, this one for restaurants, mostly.  Same idea.  Type in your location, type in your beer, find it.  Then go drink it.  Very simplistic.  Very effective.

More sites to come in the coming weeks.  Come on, you don’t think I drink every night, do you?


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