Uinta Hop Notch IPA

Yessssssssssssss.  Another IPA.  And one I haven’t tried.

Very excited.  I’ve had a few Uinta (from Utah) beers before.  Their Detour Double IPA is very good.  As is their Black Sheep Black Lager.

But this is their regular, every day IPA.  Look at that hazy orange.  The color looks like one of the best beers in the land, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.  So, now I have high hopes.  High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes.

Will they be dashed?  Let’s take another look.

The smell is bitter hops with a hint of citrus.  Not a major citrus and not one I can easily identify.  It’s a secret citrus.  A 007 citrus.  A citrus with a license to kill.

This beer is bitter.  I love bitter.  I don’t do Bitter Beer Face.  It’s a dry hop taste.  It doesn’t have the sweetness of the Schlafly.  It doesn’t have the over reaching orange of a Two Hearted.  It’s like a dried out orange.

You know what?  I like that.  It’s a solid beer. On the second sip, as my taste buds adjust to the bitterness, the citrus seems to appear even more.

Like a ninja.

Ninja beer.

I like Ninja beer.

This is one of them.


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