Beers ‘N’ Books Visits Captain Lawrence Brewery

One of the first breweries I’d ever visited was the Captain Lawrence Brewery, on the day of their 5th anniversary.  Back then, the brewery was in Pleasantville, and they used to have a great big pig roast in their parking lot.  Recently I’d seen on their Twitter feed that they’d moved and opened a new brewery in Elmsford NY.

Even closer to me.

The new brewery is beautiful.  The tasting room is a HUGE old style bar with all their beers on tap.  They have a separate express line for Growlers, which I took full advantage of.  They also wrist band for tastings.  You get a little four ounce tasting glass each time you pull a numbered tab from the wrist band.

I tried their Ginger Man and St. Vincent’s Dubbel.  Both a Belgian beers with a ton of spice to them.

Captain Lawrence is clearly serious about their expansion, now offering a ton more beers in bottles.  You can also buy 12 ounce glasses of their beer at a very affordable price.  Also, they added outside seating and a bocce court to attract more people.

Good for the Captain… one of my favorite local breweries.


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