Captain Lawrence Fresh Chester Pale Ale

So, this was one of the beers I got a growler of after my visit this week.

It’s one of my favorite Pale Ales.  The odor is piney and sweet.  The look is darker than most pale ales.  And the taste is hoppy as hell.

In fact, I’d say this is closer to an IPA, with it’s sweet hoppy overtones.  It’s the closest beer I’ve had to Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale and that’s a huge compliment.  The hops are followed by strong, sweet malts.  Like getting caught in the sap of a tree.  It almost feels sticky in your mouth.  The taste sits with you long after the drink.  That description doesn’t sound good, but believe me… it freakin’ is.

Captain Lawrence is a brewery that is going places.  The second you see some of their beer (they used to be available in NJ, but they pulled out last year) you should get some.  Their Double IPA is just as good–if not better–than this beer.

But this, this is a big beast of a beer.  It beckons you to drink it.  This is the beer to bring to a party or a tailgate, to share with friends during a fun night of cheering on your team.  It’s relaxing and tasty.  It’s not too heavy.  It’s refreshing.

Definitely worth the hour trip every so often.


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