Captain Lawrence Reserve Imperial IPA

And so the other beer I purchased on my trip to the Brewery.  A 9% delicious Double IPA that resides in Sweetness Land (next town over from Candyland, but so much cooler and less touristy.)

I first had this beer years ago before I appreciated the gloriousness that is IPAs.  And the bitterness first put me off.  However, there’s a grapefruit and pineapple flavor in here.  The odor is similar to their Pale Ale, sharper though. The hops really come to light here.  They don’t just peek through, they barrel through like the Incredible Hop…. er Hulk.

This is a big beer and delicious as well.  The alcohol sneaks up on you, not strong and not full of that late burn that you often find in really boozy beers.  No, this one is overwhelmed by the sweetness.

And I love that sweetness, like biting into something citrusy… maybe a tangerine.  It really gives the beer an extra little pop in Flavor Land (two zip codes away from Candy Land… not as fun though.  They have a great bar… lots of different beers on tap.)

Captain Lawrence rarely fails with a beer.  This a five-star.


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