Alpha by Greg Rucka

Greg Rucka has always been one of my go-to writers.  His Atticus Kodiak novels are all solid, spinetingling thrillers.  But now he’s back with a new series–the first being Alpha.  And I was sure as hell looking forward to it.

Die Hard in a theme park.

That’s what you’re going to think when you sit down to read this.  And that’s kind of what this book is.  Terrorist take over a fictional (but very Disney-like) theme park and arm it with a dirty bomb (among other things).  Shots are fired, people are in jeopardy, there is a ton of suspense.

But that’s not what interested me about this book.

No, it’s the two main characters who interested me.  The protagonist and the antagonist, if you will.

Jad Bell is a Delta Force officer hired to work security on the park, and immediately recognizes something is very wrong.  He’s tough, and stoic, but still very interesting.  He cares deeply for the family who he no longer sees and wants nothing more for them to be safe.  Of course, the fates align and that may no longer be possible.

Then there’s Gabriel Fuller.  It’s not really a spoiler to say he’s a long term sleeper cell terrorist.  But he’s the most interesting character in the book.  Think of the torture the characters in HOMELAND go through and you’ll be close.  Gabriel Fuller drives this book ahead and I always wanted to know what he was up to.  Not a straightforward villain he’s the most interesting character in the book.

And the pacing.  Whoa.  This book moves.

When you’re looking for something fast, dangerous, and exciting, definitely check out ALPHA, the new book by Greg Rucka.


One thought on “Alpha by Greg Rucka

  1. LOVE the Kodiak books. I read Greg’s HuffPo piece yesterday (The 10 Worst Theme Park Accidents) and was immediately hooked. Very much looking forward to this one.

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