Green Flash Hop Head Red

Red Ales and Red IPAs interest me.  In my head, they should be bitter, hoppy sweetness.  Each sip should be a mix of hops and syrup.

The best example of this is Flying Fish’s Exit 9 Hoppy Scarlet Ale (Named after Rutgers)–now renamed Red Fish.  It was exactly what I described.  A ton of hops, with a nice syrupy sweetness mixed in.  So, yeah, I pretty much expect every Red IPA to be like that.

Unfortunately not all of them are.  They’re usually not too hoppy, and very malty, with leads to a bready dry taste.  In fact, for a while I gave up on buying them.

But, I’m on a Green Flash kick, so I decided to try this one.  The odor is hops, pure hop goodness.  In fact, when I smelt it, I forgot I was drinking a Red IPA and thought it was a West Coast IPA.  That made me extremely optimistic. Maybe I’d get another beer to match with Red Fish.

First sip:  Hops… Hops followed by caramel.  The malt is there, the bread is there, but it’s faint.  No instead, it’s like eating a hop covered in caramel.  Sticky, gooey, sweet.  Delicious.  It’s not a thin beer either.  It’s heavy when it’s in your mouth.

It’s going to take me a while to finish this one.  But that’s a good thing.

If I can’t get me some Red Fish, I’ll gladly be a Hop Head Red….

Won’t you?


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