Lagunitas Maximus

It’s Double IPA week, bitches!  And with Lagunitas calling this beer Maximus, I must ask you: ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

This is a BIG beer at 8.2%.  You’re inviting a headache and slow start to the morning, if you’re going to drink more than 1 of these in a night.  It looks so sweet in the pic, doesn’t it?  Light, polite, will promise to have you home before 11?

Don’t trust him.

It has the scent of pure, unadulterated hops.  Like a convertable or a Porsche pulling up in front of the house and asking to take your tongue out to dinner.  And only dinner.

And then you don’t talk to that tongue again until Tuesday.  Because once it has that first sip… BAM!  It’s in Maximus’s court.  And it ain’t letting go. (Okay, it’s time to steer away from this metaphor… especially since my Mom bought me this beer, and she wanted it reviewed.)

This.  Is.  Hoppy.  Good, syrupy, citrusy hops.

I don’t think this is a bitter beer.  It doesn’t make me make a face and it doesn’t make me drink slowly.  I want to chug this beer.  I just know better.  It’s glorious.  I could bathe in this beer (STOP IT DAVE, YOUR MOM IS READING THIS).

Lagunitas is a never go wrong brewery.  This is a NEVER GO WRONG beer.  Sweet, solid, hoppy.  Right up my alley.

It makes me want to take a trip out to the West Coast…


Buy this beer.  It’s great.


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