DOUBLE REVIEW: Goose Island Pepe Nero and Uinta Wyld

Yeah, so this is a double review, because I’m hoping tomorrow will be filled with a fantastic book review…..

But tonight I tried Goose Island Pepe Nero.  It’s a Belgian Saison, I think… but it is dark too.  It smelt odd, both fruity and clean.  I couldn’t put my finger on what kind of fruit it was, but there was a definite fruit lean.  Like maybe grapes?  Something like that.  My nose wasn’t in the mood to differentiate.

The taste though… I’ve never tasted anything like that.  It was a Saison for sure… you remember the Farmhouse Ales?  But it was like… a chocolate farmer made this.  The beer–after first–tasted like a regular old Saison and I was like “Hmph, no big deal…” AND THEN WHOOOMP There it is… Chocolate.

And it had a bitter finish.  This was a tricky damn beer.  And one I’d try again.

After having that beer, I moved to the Wyld.  An organic pale ale.  To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for this one.  But when I poured it I smelled celery.  I’m damn sure it was celery.  I’ve never smelt celery in a beer before.

And on first sip… wow.  Crisp, clean, a perfect beer to having at a BBQ.  At only 4%, it is the definition of a session beer.

I was really enjoying this beer too.

Well, until I started eating hot wings and the flavor didn’t pair.  But, I’d definitely buy a sixer of this for the next BBQ I attend.



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