The Alchemist Heady-Topper

Heady-Topper is a beer out of Vermont.  It’s hard to come by here in New Jersey, so I had to acquire it in a beer trade.  Yes, a beer trade.  More on that later.

But now, I try the beer.  As you can see on the can it says “Drink from the Can.”  They don’t want you pouring this into a glass for some reason.  But I’m never one to completely follow the rules when it comes to beer (well, whatever, just go with it).  So I decided to try an experiment.

Half and half.

First, sip from the can.  There’s not much of an odor when you try it from the can (okay, stop giggling).  You catch some hops, but that’s about it.  I expected to be overwhelmed with syrupy bitterness. Not so.  The first sip was incredibly smooth.  And easy to drink.  Almost like biting into a carrot.  There’s that first flush of hops sweetness with immediately shifted to a dry clean flavor.  Surprising for a Double IPA.  The more out of the can I drank, the better it became.  The hops floated to the surface and left a nice, nice bitterness in my mouth.

Next, poured into a glass.  As you can see from the photo, this beer is really light colored.  Almost orangey (says the color-blind man).  I can see some of the hop resin as I look, and the smell is just as muted.  The hops, though, on the first sip, are stronger.  I can see why they push this to be drank from the can.  They want to brew a smooth beer, but it’s much more bitter-er (LOLerskates) from a glass.  I love it, and I can sense more of the booziness when I drink it this way.

Either way, I want to chug this and at the same time I want to savor it.  I may never have it again.

This beer really stands up to the description.



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