Bell’s Hopslam

A rush of bitter pineapple (maybe mango?).  That’s the first taste I got when I sipped this Double IPA.

Bell’s Brewery is one of those legendary breweries in the eyes of New Jersey Craft Beer fans.  Their beers are unavailable here in the great Garden State, and from what I’ve had, they’re good beers.

Including this one:  their winter seasonal IPA.

It’s a double, hefting in at 10 percent.  But, to me, it’s not full of that alcohol burn*.  No, it’s a smooooooootthhhh hoppy beer.  Not as smooth as yesterday’s Heady Topper, but smooth.  And man, do you get slammed with hops (see what I did there?).  This beer is full of them and they’re not shy.

They’re like the kids at your bedroom door on Christmas morning.

They’re a college basketball crowd.

These are HOPS.  They explode in your mouth with glorious, excitable joy.  Every part of this sip is hops.  I can’t find the malts?  Can you find the malts?


This is for the pure hophead.  It’s hop goodness.

It’s hop joy.

And it’s damn good.


*According the person who acquired the beer for me, it’s been aged about six months, so the alcohol burn may have simmered a bit from the original brew….


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