New England Ghandi Bot Double IPA

I’m celebrating tonight.  Well, sort of.  Yesterday I had two wisdom teeth pulled.  I wasn’t knocked out, I was numbed and it wasn’t pleasant (that said, it wasn’t the worst thing in the history of mankind either.)  And since I already feel better (just a bit of jaw pain), I’m celebrating with a beer.

The beer I chose was another one from the beer trade.  New England Brewing Company’s Ghandi Bot.  It’s a double IPA.  And there’s a picture of a ROBOT GHANDI on the can.  Let’s face it, with that kind of can, there’s no way I’m giving this beer a bad review.  It could taste like feet and raw eggs, but there’s still a ROBOT GHANDI on the can.

But, thankfully, the beer doesn’t taste like that.  Not does it smell like that.

To me, all hops have either a pine or citrus flavor.  This one has a hop flavor I rarely taste, and that’s of a pure orange.  A bitter orange, and nothing else.  Perhaps my taste buds are off, but this is the flavor I’m getting.  The beer it very smooth, as well.  The bitter is there, but it’s not sweet and syrupy like a lot of IPAs are.

This is a solid double IPA, one that you could drink several of and not blink… until you tried to stand up.

It’s a peaceful beer (on the outside), but very dangerous the more you drink it.

Much like a robot Ghandi would be, I’d think.


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