AleSmith Anvil ESB

Ohhh, sweet, sweet toffee.  What is the candy bar that is made of toffee?  I can’t think of it’s name.  A Heath Bar?  Yes, a Heath bar.

The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s a much lighter beer, but the flash on my camera made it look dark.  Do not judge this beer by it’s color.

That’s exactly what AleSmith’s Anvil ESB tastes like.  Which is interesting, because ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter.  A bitter is an ale you can find in England, called a bitter because it is lighter and less sweet than a porter or a stout.  That said, this bitter is no where near as bitter as a Pale Ale or IPA.

No, it just means it’s bitter than those dark beers that are made with lactose sugars.

AleSmith’s ESB is great, because the toffee and caramel notes hit your nose as soon as you open the bottle.  I’d barely begun to pour when the odor hit me.  That may be because I let the beer warm up a bit before I opened it.  The beer is not meant to be freezing cold, but instead served between 45-55 degress (Fahrenheit, for you Brits out there.).

Though only weighing in at 5.5%, there’s a clear alcohol burn to this beer.  That surprises me, but it goes along nicely with the smokiness of the odor. Another beer you can’t find in NJ, but can hunt down in NY if you’re so inclined.  I like bitter beers, they sit well with me.

And this is a good one.


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