Avery Hog Heaven

I heard about this beer on an episode of Drinking Made Easy, and was immediately intrigued.  You see, I love Avery’s IPAs, but I’ve never been a fan of the Barleywine style of beer.  Not really sure why, just a bad experience somewhere in my past I guess.

But upon watching the episode, the brewmaster at Avery said that this was their first beer–brewed before craft beer styles became famous.  They didn’t have a name for this beer, so they did some research of strong beers and decided Barleywine would be a popular name.

Nowadays, they’d probably call it a Double IPA.

Upon hearing that, I was sold.  They sold me on the hops and the promise of a caramel finish.  And the first sniff delivered on the hop promise.  It was exactly what I expected, hoppy in odor.  A darker hue, more amber than orange, though, I was still a bit hesitant.

Time for a sip.  The hops came first, the sweet piney kind of the hops.  They burn the tongue with bitterness, but it’s quickly followed up with a caramel finish.  Nice and sweet.  This is a smooth beer.  Though it rings in at 9 percent, it’s easy drinking.

That’s not cool.

(Actually it’s real cool.)

But yeah, good beer.  Sorry a title made me so tentative to have it.


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