Goose Island Pere Jacques

If you know me, you know I prefer the word Belgian to be followed by the word waffle, not ale.  I rarely like Belgian Ales, it takes a special flavor for me to fall for a good Belgian ale (think… Saison).  But I’ve been curious about Goose Island Belgian series and picked up a couple recently.  I review Pepe Nero a few weeks ago and enjoyed it, though it was a bit weird.

Now we come to Pere Jacques, described only as a “Belgian Style Ale.”  Nerves abound.  It’s a darker ale, much like yesterday’s Barleywine.  But on first sniff, it smells of Belgian seasoning (is that even the right phrase?).  AKA, it smells like every Belgian beer I’ve ever forced myself to drink (don’t ask).  At least it’s not a hefeweizen, the worst ale in the history of mankind.

This is a malty beer.  It is sweet, very very sweet, and heavy.  It’s not a beer for the summer.  It reminds me of an Oktoberfest beer, full of malts, ignoring hops.  It’s very carbonated too.  Lots of bubble hung out on my lips long after the taste was gone.

Overall, this was a decent beer.  Heavy, dark, and malty.  I could drink one, but not several in a night.  It was worth trying something new, but not something I’d buy again.


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