Barrel Aging….

This was first going to be a post about Cigar City’s Tocobaga Red Ale, but once I opened it (and learned how to spell the name of the beer), I realized I’d had the beer somewhere else.

No, not actually trying the beer, but the flavor was very familiar to me.  I’d had it before, but I couldn’t place where.  I had to search far and wide in my flavor memory.  And then it came to me.

Samuel Adams Utopia.

If you don’t know what Sam Adams Utopia is, let me explain it to you.  It is a very expensive beer.  It is a very high alcohol beer too.  And it’s made like whiskey.  Or made to drink like whiskey.

Basically, it’s a beer aged in whiskey barrels, and meant for sipping.

Now, without doing too much research (or none at all, so this whole post could be bunk), I wondered what kind of beer Sam Adams used to make this beer.  And I think I found it, a red ale.  Deep caramel malts that age well.  The flavors that are evident in the Tocobaga explode in the Utopia.

Utopia is a very sweet, very sticky beer that burns on the back end.  Very much like a drink you sip.

Tocobaga was subtler (and made by a different brewery), but it would be interesting to compare Sam Adams original beer with the Utopia.

This was the closest I could get.


One thought on “Barrel Aging….

  1. From now on, when you take pictures of the beers, can you do it somewhere in the house that isn’t cluttered?

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