Craft Beer Bar: The Copper Mine Pub

ImageLocated in North Arlington, NJ, the Copper Mine pub is one of the best craft beer bars around.  With 20 taps, that are constantly being rotated, you never know what gems you’ll find on a given day.  Not only do they have a fantastic tap list, but they also have over 50 bottles of different beers available. 

The owner, Vito, is-quite frankly-a gentleman.  He’s willing to sit and talk with you about just about any kind of beer he has on tap, and always willing to make recommendations.  Not only that, but, if he gets to know you, he’ll ask about all kinds of things: work, writing, sports.  He’s a true bartender, willing to let you share your sorrows, you worries or your successes.  A great guy–who also has clear great taste in beer. 

At the same time, he’s also up on technology.  Follow him on Twitter, and you’ll get all the new draught beers, the minute they’re tapped.  There have been times where I wasn’t even craving a beer, but have been surfing Twitter and saw the CM has tapped something awesome or rare.  I immediately ran out just to have a sip… or fill a Growler.  Yes, the Copper Mine does Growler fills.

Also, nearly every Thursday night, they host a Brewery Night.  Usually it’s a local brewery, but you never know what you’re going to get.

They don’t serve food, but they do have all the local take out menus.

I’ve been there for my bachelor party, it was the first place I had Sam Adams Utopia, Kane Beers, you name it, I’ve checked it out at the Copper Mine.  If you’re in North Jersey and you’re parched, the Copper Mine is the place to go.


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