What Catches Your Eye?

So, the other day, when talking about the Copper Mine, I mentioned that they tweet and Facebook the stuff they tap that day.  Often, that stuff will cause me to go from sitting on the couch not sitting about beer to heading out to the local pub to try whatever they just tapped.

The question then becomes:  What kind of beer catches my eye?

First off, it’s usually something rare.  Either something they doesn’t come in six packs or something I don’t come across often.  Most of the time it’s something I’ve never had before.  Just before Easter, I ran out to the Copper Mine because they had Carton’s Red Rye returning on tap.  That was a limited run of beer (at the time), that I couldn’t get anywhere else. 

Next I go for style:  I’ve said on here how I don’t usually like Belgian beers and really don’t like Wheat beers.  If those kind of beers pop up on my timeline, I’m not going to rush out.  However, if a Double IPA or an Oatmeal Stout does, I’m running for the border.  Those are the kinds of beers that catch my eye, and if I miss out on trying them, I often disappointed. 

Finally, Brewery:  If it’s a brewery that’s never disappointed me, such as Kane or Founders, I’ll run out.  If it’s something new they’re just releasing, I’m definitely going to want to try it.  Much like following an author you like, it usually pays to follow breweries you like.  They usually experiment with new stuff and release it in small batches to the popular local bars. 

That’s what gets me off my ass.

What kind of beers get you out of the house?


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