The Gaslight Anthem: Handwritten

Technically, this isn’t a beer nor is it a book.  It’s an album by one of the best new rock bands in the world. 

The Gaslight Anthem have been around for, if I had to guess, six or seven years.  Born as a punk band in New Brunswick, NJ, Gaslight-led by lead singer Brian Fallon–took punk and melded it with Springsteen and a touch of 50s rock.  The songs were blue collar, dirty songs about life, love and death.  They hit it big with their album THE 59 SOUND, and have been steadily rising in popularity since.

Their newest, the aforementioned HANDWRITTEN, is a bit of a departure for them.  Gone are the simple punk strains, and here is straightforward classic rock.  From the opening strains of “45,” you can tell this album is different.  Screetching guitar solos and soaring choruses separate this album from Gaslight’s others.  It truly is a step forward for them.

At the same time, the heart is still there.  The blue collar Springsteen-esque lyrics still live, and that’s why this album fits right in on this blog.  Two reasons:

a) Just like a book, each song tells a story and drags you through an emotional spectrum.  These songs, like the best books, are filled with heart and emotion.

b) It’s the kind of album you listen to in a down and dirty bar.  Where you walk in and ask for the beer from the cleanest tap that have. 

You can sit back with a beer and just enjoy this album.  It sounds like each character is opening up to a bartender.

Pick up a six-pack and then pick up this album.  It’s worth it.


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