Cocktail Hour

Summer is waning.  It’s mid-August, and September is rumbling toward us.  School starts again.  Soon the weather will get cold and the fun will be over.  And a different kind of fun begins (stout season… oh yeah.)

Meanwhile, my wife and I haven’t had much of a summer.  For most of July and some of August we were waiting for our first child to be born.  We weren’t able to go on vacation.  We didn’t hang out by a pool.  We went to a few BBQs, but mostly we just waited.

Last week, our son showed up. 

So, there’s still some summer left for us.  We’re enjoying our baby, enjoying the warm weather, and just enjoying being a family.  That said, there’s still no vacation on the horizon.  We’re kind of house bound.  So, we’re making due with what we can.  And, that means taking part in one of my favorite parts of vacation…. the cocktail hour.  (Kind of like Happy Hour, but… every day–and without the drink specials.)

Every day at 4:30, I declare it Cocktail Hour.  We break out the chips, the wife has a soda (for now) and I have a beer.  My beers have been of the summer variety.  Full Sail IPA has been a popular choice.  Narragansett Summer (see? it’s still SUMMER gosh darn it), is one of the best summer beers out there.  Today I also picked up a 4 Seasons IPA by Voodoo Brewery, which I intend on sampling.

Gotta do something otherwise you go stir crazy.

Now, I know this is a beer blog, but what are you favorite cocktail hour drinks?


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